“Lulu’s” Beginnings

I first met the little ball of white fur at my friend Mary’s house last June. Her roommates wanted a pet dog, but knew they couldn’t have one at their current house, so they opted for a bunny.

“Her” name was Lulu (more on that later). She had snow white fur, pastel pink ears and nose and sky blue eyes. She was gorgeous. But once her new-bunny glow wore off for the owners, she was retired to the basement where she sat in her large tupperware container/laundry basket cage on top of a table.

Lulu's first cage

Lulu’s first cage

I told Nick about Lulu’s plight and took him to see her one day. Mary felt bad for the bunny and wanted us to rescue her. Nick took one look at her and knew we had to have her. So we got her roommates permission, put Lulu in Nick’s jeep, and drove back to my apartment with a new member of the family.

Lulu and Nick

Lulu and Nick

When we put her on the floor for the first time, she was nervous. But she warmed up quickly, sniffing everything in sight and “binkying” – jumping high in the air in place, a sign of bunny joy.

We fed Lulu carrots and gave her hugs.

Lulu loves carrots

Lulu loves carrots

Lulu drinks a lot of water

Lulu drinks a lot of water

Lulu loves hugs

Lulu loves hugs


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