She’s a He?

“Her name is Lulu.”

I did not question the introduction even after we adopted her.

I mean, how could she not be a girl, with such white fur, such a pink nose and such long white eyelashes?


Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

One night a few months ago, Nick picked Lulu up and handed her to me. But I noticed something peculiar.

“What’s that?” I asked, and gestured to her privates.

Nick and I looked at each other with pursed lips and confusing thoughts bustling around our brains.

We denied it at first..until we took a closer look. There between his legs hung two fuzzy bunny balls.

“It’s almost like we’re accepting that our daughter had a sex change,” Nick eloquently said.

We decided we would call him Louis, and we would no longer dress him in the pink frilly hoodie.


Louis’s Pink Hoodie

It took a while to see Louis as a little guy, but now with his propensity toward eating with his mouth open and crawling into beer pitchers, it’s become obvious.


I can has beer?




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