The Plight of the Easter Bunny

When you think of Easter, you think of bunnies. Cotton-tailed long-eared animals that hop around and look cute in the arms of children.

Every easter, hundreds of rabbits are sold as seasonal gifts without the owners understanding the commitment they’ve just made. And after the holiday, many bunnies lose their trendy glow and end up in a cage in the basement 24/7, or set free in a backyard, defenseless prey to any predator.

Rabbits cost time and attention. They are like dogs in cats bodies. They need your attention, and they need daily servings of dry food, vegetables and timothy hay. They need exercise outside of their cage. And they need to be neutered or spayed, which costs upwards of $200.

So if you know someone considering a bunny as an Easter present, please fill them in. Bunnies are endlessly entertaining, adorable and loyal pets. But they are not goldfish. You can’t set them in one place and feed them once a day. They need your love.




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