Lex is a Big Bun Now

Lex turned the tables at yesterday’s bunny play date with Lou.

She chased Lou all around their pen, and then did the dominance dance on him.IMG_4717

Their playdate was still successful: Lex was binkying all over the place and Louis was doing Bunny 500’s (scampering like a race car in circles around the room). They even ate salad together!


Lou was very calm, and allowed Lex to take her stand. Nick was not surprised that Lex asserted herself: He knew she was a strong-willed bun the moment he met her.

We aren’t sure how old Lex is, but dominating behavior means she is sexually mature, which usually happens from 3-6 months in age. We set up an appointment for her to be spayed (or neutered – nothing will surprise me anymore). I hope it goes as smoothly as Louis’s operation.

Once they are both altered, they will be one step closer to their cage-free partnership!



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