Month: June 2014

Adoption Anniversary

Nick and I adopted a little white bunny named “Lulu” one year ago today.


Neither of us had any experience with bunnies, but we knew “she” needed more than the confines of a large Tupperware container with a laundry basket on top.


We quickly learned that this animal was closer to a dog or cat than a rodent who stays in its cage all day. We let Lulu frolic around my apartment and learn to jump on and off the bed.

We also learned Lulu was potty trained. “She” wouldn’t go to the bathroom anywhere but in “her” cage.

Then, we decided to get Lulu a friend, Lex. And it was time to take Lulu to the vet to be altered.

“Lulu is a boy,” Nick told me on the phone from the vet’s.

So Lulu became Louis, and Louis became a house bunny. We traded the cage for a cat litter box, and gave Louis free reign of my room. When I come home from work, I usually find him buried under a sleeping bag or doing Bunny 500’s around the room.


Louis has brought so much joy to my life. Whether he’s binkying around the room, sleeping next to me during a nap, or licking my arm while I’m trying to do yoga, Louis is always there to make me laugh and smile. Thanks for one awesome year, Lou!






Louis Comes to Work

I am lucky enough to work in an office of bunny lovers.

When we need a little boost of fluffy goodness, Louis puts in some hours at the American Holistic Medical Association.


 “Where are those reports I asked for?”


“It’s time for your annual review, Mr. Boss Man. You did not feed me enough carrots so I am forced to require a 10 minute head scratch.”



 “What part of high resolution did you not understand?”


“Please don’t ask me questions on my lunch break.”