Louis Comes to Work

I am lucky enough to work in an office of bunny lovers.

When we need a little boost of fluffy goodness, Louis puts in some hours at the American Holistic Medical Association.


 “Where are those reports I asked for?”


“It’s time for your annual review, Mr. Boss Man. You did not feed me enough carrots so I am forced to require a 10 minute head scratch.”



 “What part of high resolution did you not understand?”


“Please don’t ask me questions on my lunch break.”




Happy First Birthday to Louis!

Nick and I are so lucky to have met this little white ball of fur a year ago.  He brings us so much joy and is always able to put a smile on our faces with his quirky antics – whether it’s peeping his head out of a hole in my tapestry or sleeping next to our heads.

Our first night with Louis last year

Our first night with Louis last year

Big Lou Yawn

Big Lou Yawn

Daddy's little buddy

Daddy’s little buddy

Me and Lou

Me and Lou

Don't talk with your mouth full Lou!

Don’t talk with your mouth full Lou!

Louis with his birthday shades

Louis with his birthday shades

We love you Louis!


Bunnies Explore Outdoors

The weather has taken a turn for the warm, so we decided to bring the bunnies out to enjoy the sunshine.

Louis played outside on his leash a few times last summer, but this was Lex’s first outdoor adventure.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:


IMG_1746 IMG_5116IMG_5119
Louis's light blue eyes are very sensitive to the sun

Louis’s light blue eyes are very sensitive to the sun



“What are YOU looking at??”


Lex pretends to be a dog


Nick was a human canvas for his students today, if you were wondering.


Too busy exploring surroundings to explore Louis


“Get this dirt off my paws!”

Bunny Bonds

You can’t stick two humans in a room and expect them to be fast friends. And this past week, I’ve learned you can’t do that for bunnies either.

Louis is an outgoing, life-of-the-party bunny who likes to be the center of attention.


Lex is a shy, timid bunny who takes a long time to warm up to people.


So it was not surprising that the first time they met, Louis assumed the dominant role by climbing on top of Lex, and Lex ran away and cowered in the corner.

That routine happened the first few times they met. It was very discouraging. I knew it would be a process, but I expected there to be more sniffing than humping.

But we kept at it, and kept arranging bunny dates.

Now, two weeks later, we’ve had a breakthrough. Here are the signs of a good bunny relationship developing that we’ve finally seen:

1. Ignoring: The two bunnies ignore each other, meaning they are not threatened


2. Sniffing/Grooming: The bunnies calmly sniff and groom each other; a sure sign of budding friendship


3. Resting/Grooming Themselves: The bunnies are each so relaxed they are able to discard their inhibitions and put themselves in a place of lowered awareness

Tricks we’ve used:

1. Put salad in the pen with them so they can munch on treats together

2. Rub each of their foreheads while they sniff each other, making them think they are grooming each other. This has been our most effective strategy

3. Place a screen between them at the first few meetings so they could slowly get used to each others’ scents without being thrown in one pen together right away

Bunny “dating” is a lot like human dating. They have to get to know each other before they live together. But if they keep having regular playdates and keep becoming more and more comfortable with each other, they’ll be friends in no time.